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All industries and business sectors

      • Reports Translation
      • Presentations Translation
      • Manuals Translation
      • Guidelines Translation
      • Descriptions Translation
      • Drawings Translation
      • Instructions Translation
      • Patents Translation
      • Catalogs Translation
      • Assessment Translation
      • Proposals Translation
      • Policies Translation
      • Drawings Translation
      • Audits Translation
      • Agreements Translation
      • Specifications Translation
      • Certifications Translation
      • Procedures Translation
      • Training documents Translation
      • Guides Translation
      • Specifications Translation
      • Presentations Translation
      • Catalogs Translation
      • Data sheets Translation
    • Contracts
    • Agreements
    • Orders
    • Reports
    • Statements
    • Labels
    • Rulings
    • Ccertificates
    • Proceedings
    • Investigations
    • Incorporation documents
    • Plans
    • Reports
    • Statements
    • Guidelines
    • Balance sheets
    • Insurance documents correspondence
    • Accounts
    • Tenders
    • Newsletters
    • Marketing material
    • Reports
    • Plans
    • Contracts
    • White papers
    • Incorporation documents
    • DMF
    • Laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical trial documentation (protocols, reports, informed consent form, Investigator’s brochure)
    • Validation reports
    • Training and specialized literature for medical and pharmaceutical professionals
    • Medical research articles
    • Pharmacopoeia articles
    • Articles of the Pharmacopoeia
    • Medical certificates, case histories, examination results, discharge reports
  • Document translation plus notarial certification is an additional service of the QUICKTRANSLATION company.
    We may receive an officially certified document.
    The point of issue of notarized documents is located at the address:
    Vorobyev Composer Street 5A 19, Cheboksary
    Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 09.00-18.00.
    Documents are also delivered by a courier in Moscow and the Moscow region.


QUICKTRANSLATION cooperates with many companies

The translation agency perform translations for well-known corporations


Head of the Gazprom branch 10.11.2020: "For several years now, QUICKTRANSLATION AGENCY has been translating legal and technical documents for our division quickly and with high quality, which makes cooperation with contract organizations much more easier..."

SanPharma Runbaxy

Head of SanPharma Ranbaxy 18.09.2019: "It is difficult to find a translation agency in the market that can do a quality translation in the shortest possible time. All translated documents have been approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation...."


Bashneft Branch Manager 01.02.2018: "From a legal point of view, every detail is important to us when drafting contracts. The translators in QUICKTRANSLATION, generally render all every nuances in the translation documents, which makes us very happy..."

International Paper

Head of International Paper 15.08.2019: "We are satisfied with the quality of the translated documents and the lack of delays and problems with contract organizations..."


Head of IRE-Polus 23.02.2017: "Scientific translation requires a high level of accuracy in translation. We are pleased to work with the translation company QUICKTRANSLATION, which has professional translators in various fields of science"


Head of the Polpharma representative office 19.04.2016: "Quality translations of pharmaceutical documents are carried out by QUICKTRANSLATION in large volumes, which is nothing short of encouraging. We are always happy to meet deadline changes..."


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QUICKTRANSLATION is the leader in express translation in Russia

Fast translation without loss of quality

We have tested our translators in practice, who are able to translate quickly and well while maintaining high quality translations

  • More than 100 interpreters are working with us In addition to linguistic qualifications

    all translators have a university degree in law, economics, engineering, medicine, etc

  • The quality of translations is checked by editors

    The editors have extensive experience in Proofreading translated documents for consistency with the original in various paramaters

The translated documents are free of errors in semantic, spelling, punctuation, stylistic and terminology, and the formatting of the text

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Translation prices

Language                                                                                            Cost of translation of one standard page into Russian and back
English     0.08 USD
German 0.08 USD
French 0.08 USD
Italian 0.08 USD
Spanish 0.08 USD
Slavic languages 0.08 USD
Other languages on request
Notarisation 10 USD/document


Here you can find answers to your questions

      • You can pay for your order online using a plastic card
      • Legal entities shall pay for the order to their bank account
      • No advance payment is required
      • The printed document, stamped by the translation agency and/or notary stamp, is sent by courier or through a delivery service to your address. You can also pick up your translation at our office
    • We usually try to retain the format of the original document. You may express your wishes as to how the features of the original document should be transferred into the translation. Our specialists will do the formatting and layout and the document in translation will look like the original with pictures, tables and symbols
    • If you intend to place a large order and would like to confirm the quality of the translation, we are prepared to provide you with a test translation (not more than 1 translation page). You can discuss this question in more detail over the phone before placing your order
    • If you place a large order, you can get a translation discount from us.
      30000 words - 3%;
      300000-600000 words - 5%;
      over 600000 words - 7%.
      Contact us by phone and we can discuss this in more detail


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